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Scheme of land cadastres 1:4000 (2.7Mb)

Background of the territory 1:4000 (35Mb)


I. The object of Competition design

Four fragments of the territory in the valley of the river Kherota, three of which are offered for Competition (at the choice of the contestants).

II. General information

1. The mouth of the Kherota River

Kherota – river of the Black Sea basin, (Figure 1), is formed by the confluence of the Malaya and Greater Kherot rivers in the central part of the Orel-Izumrudny settlement, between the streets of Petrozavodskaya and Banana in the Adler district of Sochi. The length of the river with the Big Kherota is 14 km. The source of the river is in the Ustye Mountains in the Adler district. The pool area is 24.7 km².

Ecology, problems of safety

2. Flooding on June 25, 2015

Floods. The valley of the river Kherota is in the risk zone of catastrophic floods. June 25, 2015 year, during a torrential rain, Kherota left the banks, flooding nearby streets. The water level along Gastello Street reached up to 2.7 meters.


Solid domestic waste landfill

The surface of the landfill during reclamation
The surface of the landfill after reclamation

The river belonged to the fishery water bodies, but after the construction of the Adler (more than 60 years ago) of the solid waste landfill in city boundaries, the river is heavily polluted. Dump recultivated in 2011 year, according to the Olympic construction program.

Factory of ferro-concrete products in Adler (district of Sochi)

Adlerskiy ZZhBI, OOO Glavstroy-Adler

Adler ZZHBI was founded in 1965 year, specializes in the production of reinforced concrete and concrete products, ready-mixed concrete and metal structures used in the construction industry. On the territory of the plant conduct the industrial branch railway

Railway branch on the territory of ZZHBI

The development of the valley of the river Kherota

Along the valley beyond the boundaries of the city limits and industrial zone stretched rural settlements – Orel-Izumrud in the middle reaches, and Bestuzhevskoe in the upper reaches of the river.

7, 8, 9. Building along the riverbed Kherota river in the village of Orel-Izumrud
10. View of the sea panorama of village Orel-Izumrud
11. Building along the riverbed
12. Building along the riverbed



Con-Coronel (country restaurant)

13. Con-Coronel in village Orel-Izumrud

Country restaurant “Con-Coronel” – a complex of buildings surrounded by a picturesque water landscape – a place for rest and fishing.


Lake Achigerva

14. Lake Achigerva

Lake Achigerva is a wonderful place, both for fishing, and just for family rest, among the peace and quiet of southern nature.


Silver Lake

15. Silver Lake

The lake arose as a result of the construction of a dam on the river Kherota. The lake is filled with beautiful cool water, surrounded by a pristine forest. The air is filled with the aroma of acacia, chestnut, pear, apple, tea, hornbeam, beech, walnuts. Walk around the lake under the shadow of the leaves of valuable species of trees will bring pleasure to lovers of mountain hikes.


III. The subject of the Competition “Concept. The valley of the river KHerota “The path along the water – the way to the future of Sochi”

The concept should take into account the existing town-planning situation of the territory chosen for Competition, including sights, landscaped areas, transport network, problem areas and planning restrictions. Participants must offer solutions for 3 out of 4 suggested planning fragments of the competitive area and simulate 2-3 survey points reflecting the nature of the interaction of the proposed spatial solution with the environment.

On the example of the territory chosen for competitive design, principles and approaches to the formation of a public space in the river valley should be disclosed, a typology of embankments for different functional areas of the competitive area, technologies and means for providing longitudinal and transverse links, conditions for creating an environmentally friendly, comfortable, affordable and safe environment.

IV. Competition Objectives

Overview of innovations reflecting promising trends in the organization and typology of public spaces associated with water arteries, developing “The Way along the Water as a Direction to the Image of the Future of Sochi”.

The choice for further design and implementation of innovative proposals that best meet the environmental and social criteria for the quality of residential and recreational environment of the resort city of Sochi, in accordance with the motto of the educational program of the World Festival of Youth and Students: “The sea of ​​friends, mountains of ideas, rivers of people.”

V. Tasks of the Competition

Taking into account the town-planning conditions of the river valley formed in its water protection zone (residential development, recreational zone, transport corridor, etc.), offer options for typological solutions:

  • on the architectural and planning organization of the pedestrian embankment (a coastal strip of at least 20 m width), providing a convenient and safe (in view of flood protection) communication of the piedmont settlements with the sea;
  • on the architectural and planning organization of town-planning units on the adjacent to the quay cross-links with residential quarters located on the slopes;
  • on the functional filling of the system of public spaces intended for different types of social activity;
  • on the organization of transport services for the system of public spaces of the valley (all types of transport, including alternative – rail, vertical, rope, etc.).


Important for contestants!!!:

  • to consider the long-term solutions of the Sochi General Plan for the transport scheme for the development of the resort city. It is necessary to offer priority conditions for pedestrian traffic and alternative modes of transport in front of an individual car and the public transport that exists today;
  • pay attention to the engineering protection of the territory from the risk of flooding, improvement of the coastal strip of public use (at least 20 m wide) and the formation of a promenade, the extension of green areas, the organization of accessibility of places of interest;
  • offer an innovative program for the functional use of reclaimed areas (landfill, industrial zones).


To suggest the ideas of functional use, architectural planning and space-spatial solutions for the territories of the 1st stage of implementation: (choose 3 of the proposed 4 fragments):


  1. Primorskaya area in the mouth of the river – at the intersection of river and sea embankments, an approximate area of ​​___ ha;
  2. Renovation zone of industrial and communal territory, approximate area ___ ha;
  3. Improvement of the landfill and forest park in the adjacent territory, an approximate area of ​​___ ha with “Avenue of Peace” in the length of 300-350 m in honor of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students to accommodate green spaces (150 large trees), urban navigation facilities, commemorative stele, etc., of park equipment;
  1. Center for country rest, an approximate area of ​​___ ha, on the shores of the Silver Lake.

VI. Expected results of the Competition.

As a result of the implementation of competitive projects, zones of social activity (living sites) should appear, the spaces of which will stimulate local communities to interact, encourage citizens and visitors of different ages and interests to communicate and various types of active activities (physical, intellectual, social, etc.).