Zatulin Konstantin Fyodorovich

Deputy of the Parliament of  Russian Federation, Chairman



Rysin Yuri Vladimirovich

Corresponding Member, Head of the Southern Territorial Branch of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, Honored Architect of the Russian Federation, Chief Architect of the Krasnodar Region;



Pakhomov Anatoly Nikolayevich

Head of the city of Sochi, Doctor of Technical Sciences, co-chairman



Aigistov Alexander Anatolievich

President of the National Union of Non-Profit Organizations



Afuksenidi Fyodor Ivanovich

President of the Union of Architects of Russia





Kagosyan Stepan Setrakovich

Deputy of the Sochi City Council






Krasilnikov Vladlen Dmitrievich

People’s Architect of the Russian Federation.

Academician, Vice-President of the International Academy of Architecture (IAA). Corresponding member of RAASN



Mikshis Mikhail Mikhailovich

President of the CJSC Corporation MAX MEDIA GROUP




Romanova Galina Maksimovna

Doctor of Economics, Rector of Sochi State University




Teplyakov Victor Nodarievich

Member of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Region




Filonov Viktor Petrovich

Chairman of Sochi City Council