The main purpose of the contest  is to see the future image of Sochi as world-class resort city and the way to its realization in creative ideas of the youth from different countries, to estimate a possibility of its realization, and to find a way for implementation within Sochi resort agglomeration development.

Purposes the contest:

  • to overview innovations reflecting prospective tendencies in the organization and typology of the public spaces which are integrated into waterways and developing a motto The path along the water as the way to the image of the future of Sochi;
  • to select innovative design proposals for further implementation which face environmental and social criteria for the quality of residential and recreational environment of Sochi resort city;
  • select participants for the educational program The Black Sea – Sea of Friends – Mountains of Ideas – Rivers of People in the field of Planning the Future: Architecture and Design during the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi; select projects for exposure in the Pavilion of scientific achievements City of the Future at exhibition of world and Russian innovative achievements with participation of Russian and international companies and young scientists.

Tasks for participants of the contest:

  • offer design proposals for creating of social activity zones to stimulate the development of outlying areas of the resort city using specific features of the river valley ; improve connections of social zones with the sea; make coastal zone easy accessible for tourists and local people;
  • offer a concept of architectural planning solution for forming, functional filling, and improvement of public spaces along one of the composition lines (waterways of Sochi resort city); take into account renovation of derelict territories; include new places of social activity into tourist and recreation infrastructure as well as in a system of transport and pedestrian communications.



As a result of implementation of competitive projects there have to be zones of social activity (living sites); these zones will stimulate local communities to interact, to induce local people and tourists of different ages and interests into communication and different kinds of vigorous activity (physical, intellectual, social, etc.). It is important to pay attention for provision of engineering protection of the territory against the risk of floods, improvement of public zone of the coastal area (width not less than 20 m) and forming of walking embankment, expansion of greenery, organization of easy access to noteworthy places, to offer innovation program of functional use of reclaimed areas (solid waste landfills, a career, industrial zones, a closed cemetery). It is necessary to design high quality pavements and roads for alternative modes of transport in place of existing private and public transport.


3.1 The competitive project should present entirely the author’s idea according the following criteria:

– harmonization of new-designed public spaces with historical and urban environment;

– co-scale of a new-designed objects with a landscape;

– variety of different kinds of social activity on the chosen territory;

3.2. The concept should contain:

– innovative technological solutions promoting reduction or neutralization of ecological issues on the territory and forming comfortable and easy accessible urban environment;

– fragments of architectural design proposals (4 fragments) and ideas about step-by-step implementation of these proposals;

– opportunities of involvements of city’s communities into realization of design proposal on the first stage of its implementation and later.

– main factors and approximate list of objects which supposed to be placed on the territory with indication of implementation stages.

3.3. The concept may include the following (this is not obligatory, however availability of such offer is welcomed):

– approximate step-by-step guide of the realization;

– ideas about excursion trips organization, improvement of sights and places of observation, environmental organization of visual communications, streets, panoramas;

– offers on city navigation and objects of urban environment for further improvement of similar urban areas.



  • Systematic and complex approach, innovation of proposed solutions on the development of mountain and valley areas, river zones of the resort city for planning fragments of the first stage;
  • Figurativeness, newness of design approach and disclosure of the territory’s potential in harmony with the historical environment and a scale of the landscape;
  • Ecological and technological effectiveness, justification and efficiency of proposed solutions;
  • Feasibility of proposed architectural and engineering concepts for planning fragments of 1 stage;

Social efficiency, necessity and opportunities for citizens’ involvement in the implementation process of design proposals.



5.1 The contest’s subject. The concept the Path Along the Water is the Way to the Image of the Future of Sochi has to consider the existing urban -planning situation of the territory (chosen for competitive design), including noteworthy places, existing greenery, transport network, problem territories and planning recommendations and restrictions.

Participants should propose design solutions for 4 fragments of the competitive territories and simulate not less than 4 observation points showing the interaction manner of proposed solution with the environment. On the base of the territory chosen for competitive design principles and approaches of forming public spaces in the river’s valley should be disclosed; the typology of embankments for different functional zones of the competitive territory, technology and instruments to provide lengthwise and crossing communications, conditions for creation of eco-friendly, comfortable, available, and safe urban environment should be offered;

5.2 Objects of the contest are 5 competitive territories extended along the river valleys having development potential, but complicated with objects of negative impact on the environment.

5.2.1 Participants are offered to choose one territory of the river valley of Sochi city to form public spaces in the river valley for the local people and tourists going from outlying foothill areas to the sea:

  • Bitkha river valley of 252 hectares (an object of negative impact is a zone of closed household waste dump in a reclamation stage);
  • Zapadniy Dagomis river valley of 263 hectares (an object of negative impact is a career zone);
  • Vereschaginka river valley of 230 hectares (objects of negative impact are zone of closed household waste dump and closed city cemetery);
  • Matsesta river valley of 250 hectares (the field of Matsesta hydrogen sulfide waters is a resort centre. Objects of negative impact are ruined constructions and utility objects);
  • Kherota river valley of 251 hectares (objects of negative impact are industrial zone, zone of closed household waste dump in a reclamation stage).

5.2.2 The participant of the contest has to choose one of 5 offered competitive territories for design.

5.2.3 Territories of the 1 turn. To propose concepts of architecture and landscape solutions on the organization of social activity places:

–  in a zone of the mouth of the river and seaside square on the crossing of river and sea embankments;

–  in a zone of surrounding space of the skyway and the railroad crossing the river valley;

– in a zone of ecological renovation of the territories having negative impact on the environment;

–  as a part of the Festival valley-park with creation of Mira Alley (Alley of Peace) or Mira Ring (Peace Ring) for about 300 – 350 m of length in honor of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students for placement of green plantings (150 large-sized trees), objects of urban navigation, a commemorative stele and other park equipment.

5.2.4. Architectural and landscape proposals for each fragment provided on a presentation board should be supplied with a short summary (no more than 3000 signs in English or Russian).

5.3. Structure requirements for materials to be provided on the presentation board.

The concept has to be presented in a graphic and text:

5.3.1. Structure of graphic materials fully assembled for presenting on a board with 900 mm of width and 2000 mm of high must include:

– an analysis of existing condition of the territory on a scale 1: 10000;

– a scheme of functional and planning solution with location of public purpose objects on a scale 1:4000 (1:6000);

– 4 detailed zones: river mouth area, zone of surrounding space of the skyway and the railroad, zone of ecological renovation, Mira Alley (Alley of Peace) on a scale of 1:2000; 1:1000, and fragments illustrating the idea, on a scale of the author’s decision;

– clarifying diagrams, photomontage, and sketches revealing the ideology and artistic image of the proposed environment (ensembles, panoramas, objects of service, and fragments of landscaping), general views;

5.3.2. Structure of text materials: a brief explanatory note on the presentation board (no more than 3000 characters with spaces) with a description of principal approaches for development of public spaces of the river valley in co-ordination with adjacent functional zones in the following sections:
– cultural codes, natural and ecological framework, ecological threats and environmental safety (engineering protection of the territory from the risk of floods and other dangerous phenomena);
– communication framework: public spaces, (zones of social activity, objects of service), travel environment (transport and pedestrians), engineering technologies of metabolic systems ;
– green frame of the territory: environment for tourism and recreation, gardens and parks of the resort city, rural gardens and fields;
– living environment: the territory of residence, the territory of childhood, health and sports;
– business environment: territories of education, creation, business, science, and culture;
– social environment: support of the urban community, centers of territorial self-administration;
– main factors for the concept and implementation program.

5.3.3. The presentation board layout and graphical design scheme will be available at

5.4.   At the 2-nd stage of the contest  the winners and prize-winners become participants of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi and take part in the contest  for the award in the category  Public Recognition.

5.4.1. Projects-winners and projects-prize-winners will be shown at the exhibition of world and Russian innovation achievements at the Future of the Cities Pavilion during the Festival.

5.4.2. For participation in the educational program The Black Sea – Sea of Friends – Mountains of Ideas – Rivers of People in the field of Planning of the Future: Architecture and Design during the Festival participants should send their materials clarifying and explaining provided concepts The Path Along the Water is the Way to the Image of the Future of Sochi in Power Point presentation.

Structure of the presentation:

– essay on the subject Live Water Live Cities opening basic methods to forming the image of the future of Sochi using as an example the development of the river valley environment and its inclusion into coastal area of the Black Sea;

– explanatory note disclosing the main ideas of competitive design offers (1000 words up to 10000 signs), has to include also feature and main factors of the project;

– illustrating and explaining schemes;

The presentation should include slides in range of 10-15 .

5.4.3. Competition of representatives of each team in a stand-up format.

Speaker will get 10 minutes to illuminate the idea witty, available, and interesting and up to 3 minutes to answer the questions of the audience. The public votes online by using panels and on the website on the air, and the results are displayed. The participant who gets the greatest public support becomes a winner of the award Public Recognition.


 6.1. The basis for the announcement of the contest  is the Resolution of Head of Sochi resort city About carrying out International architectural and urban planning the contest  Sochi 2035 the Image of the Future through the Eyes of the Young by Sochi City Administration  (during preparation and holding the XIX World festival of youth and students which will take place since 16 to 21 October, 2017 in Sochi) and this Provision;

6.2. The program and conditions of the contest   are published on the websites,, and others the Internet resources in coordination with their owners;

6.3. All the participants of the competition registered in accordance with the established procedure receive the documents and materials necessary for work on the competitive project including:

  • the contest task;
  • placement scheme of 5 competitive territories on the Master Plan of the resort city of Sochi;
  • placement scheme of 5 competitive territories on the map of urban planning zones of Land Usage and Building Rules of the resort city of Sochi;
  • topographical material in scale 1:4000;
  • photo-capture of the existing state;
  • layout of the presentation board;