Anatoliy Pakhomov
Head of Sochi resort city

Dear friends!

Sochi is the longest city in Europe, the best health and resort city in Russia, the capital of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games, and the 11th Paralympic Games. From October 16 to 21 of 2017 our resort city hosts the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students. The city will become a center of attraction for talented young people from all over the world and a place of energy concentration, senses, and ideas of the future.

Sochi is a hospitable, multinational, historical city with a rich past and eventful present. It is an agglomeration of rural and urban settlements with complexes of architectural ensembles surrounded by a magnificent mountain and sea landscape. The resort is famous for its variety of medical and recreational resources including the Black Sea, therapeutic mud, mineral waters, subtropical climate and much more.

For sustainable development of Sochi at the level of the best world resort agglomerations  it is necessary to improve the quality of the urban environment, develop public spaces in the direction of mountain-river-sea, and solve social and environmental problems. The role of architects in this process should be increased.

As part of the preparation and holding of the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students in Sochi, I invite you to participate in the international architectural and urban planning contest Sochi 2035 – The Image of the Future through the Eyes of the Young. I am hoping for an effective cooperation!


Head of Sochi resort city                 

Anatoliy Pakhomov

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