The Board of Trustees has decided to reduce the registration fee which now consists of:

3000 rubles for individual participation;
5000 rubles for group participation *;
7000 rubles for participation of a legal entity;
* – group participation involves the formation of a team of 2-7 specialists to develop and prepare a competitive project with the subsequent determination of one representative for full-time participation.

It was also decided to cancel the necessary registration fee for special categories which include students, graduate students, and people with disabilities.

Konstantin Zatulin – Deputy of the Parliament of the Russian Federation

It has been 60 years since the  VI Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow, and Russia welcomes again young people from around the world for the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students, which will be held in Sochi, in October of 2017.

The symbol of the festival – the dove of peace – embodies the desire of youth of all the continents to communicate, and calls for mutual understanding in shaping the common future of the planet.

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Anatoliy Pakhomov
Head of Sochi resort city

Dear friends!

Sochi is the longest city in Europe, the best health and resort city in Russia, the capital of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games, and the 11th Paralympic Games. From October 16 to 21 of 2017 our resort city hosts the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students. The city will become a center of attraction for talented young people from all over the world and a place of energy concentration, senses, and ideas of the future.

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Oleg Kozinsky – Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Dear colleagues!

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the international architecture and urban planning competition for youth Sochi 2035 – The Image of the Future through the Eyes of the Young, which will be held in Sochi during the XIX World Festival of Youth and Students. The final arrangements of the competition are included in the Festival’s educational program Planning the Future: Architecture and Design. The winners of the competition – 78 young architects, designers, environmental scientists, sociologists – will become participants of the Festival.
The main goal of the competition is to see the future image of Sochi as a resort city as well as the way to its realization in creative ideas of youth from around the world.

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